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  • We only accept compress FASTQ file (fastq.gz or fq.gz) as input. For window users, ".gz" file can be created by WinRAR or 7zip program.
  • For Illumina data, accept only pair end data. By default, we accept “1.fastq.gz and 2.fastq.gz” or “1.fq.gz and 2.fq.gz” as forward and reverse file suffix.
  • For Ion Torrent data, accept only single end data. By default, we accept “.fastq.gz“ and “.fq.gz” as file suffix.
  • The specific suffix for paired fastq file can be defined in the advance options.
  • Advance Options
  • Define file suffix

    Use this advance option to define your own specific suffix file. For example you have “sample_r1.fq.gz and sample_r2.fq.gz”, your suffix should be “r1.fq.gz and r2.fq.gz” for forward and reverse respectively.
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